“I appreciate the attention to detail that you and Troy provide. Your work is unbelievably wonderful and we are just so happy about how the project turned out!”

“Want to thank you again for the work that was done.  My wife and I are really happy with how the project turned out and the craftsmanship done on such a old place.  If you ever need a reference for potential clients we would be more than happy to help out.”

“I’ve come to realize that when Troy and I differ on how something should be done, I should really think twice.  I’m slowly learning that he’s always right in the end!”

“I can’t thank you enough for all the photos and emails you sent throughout the process.  I’m a worrier, and they really helped to set my mind at ease.”

“Thanks again for all you’ve done for us. The project is unbelievably great! The outcome is already so much better than we ever expected and the process has been so easy (for us). I just can’t wait to get up there again!”